International Property Partners (IPP) was formed in 2004. It is partly a successor to the former TCN – The Commercial Network. The newly created IPP network offers customers to the members a pan European real estate service.

The members cooperate within the network with leading real estate service providers and project developers across Europe but also assist clients in other requirement such as property valuations, market analyses, and advisory services. It creates the opportunity for internationally oriented investors and users to penetrate a number of markets – with the customary philosophy and quality offered by local experts. In total the members employ about 600 staff members all at services for clients of the IPP members.


International Property Partners was formed by a number of independent property agents during 2004. Some of the founders had earlier been members of the TCN network. It was decided at an early stage that the cooperation should have one major mission.

IPP‘s main purpose is to promote cross border transactions throughout Europe. The members are all working in their home markets under well known brand names. The purpose of IPP is to give better services to clients needing advice based on local knowledge. IPP will not build any structure of its own it will act simply as a network point.