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Word from Chairman Alexander Bijkerk

08 Aug 2014, Posted by admin in News

Welcome to our website.

IPP – International Property Partners is an international and independent co-operation platform created to facilitate cross-border trades in real-estate through the intermediary of some of the top property professionals in the trade.
Alexander Bijkerk Chairman of IPPInvestors in real estate are becoming increasingly more global in their investment approach. A large number of international investors have or work on having a diversified international portfolio of real estate and many property funds are specializing in cross-border investments.

As you will see from the list of partners on our website we are active in several selected European markets where we can assist you in solving your various property jobs such as property search, buying and selling real estate, valuations, due dilligence and lease agreements to name a few.

Our vision and goal is that whenever  property investors in the European market want professionel and independant advice it will be the natural and obvious thing to contact one of the International Property Partners in IPP-Global.


Just contact our local partners and they will assist you with your property questions and see you safely through. We welcome you as a client of the International Property Partners.

Alexander Bijkerk
Chairman of IPP